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10U Game Schedule

Game Schedule for 10U

49er East 49er West
8:00 AM 10UB-03 vs 10UB-04 10UG-01 vs 10UG-13
9:00 AM 10UB-13 vs 10UB-14 10UG-02 vs 10UG-12
10:00 AM 10UB-05 vs 10UB-06 10UG-03 vs 10UG-11
11:00 AM 10UB-07 vs 10UB-08 10UG-04 vs 10UG-10
12:00 PM 10UB-09 vs 10UB-10 10UG-05 vs 10UG-09
1:00 PM 10UB-11 vs 10UB-12 10UG-06 vs 10UG-08
2:00 PM 10UB-01 vs 10UB-02 10UG-07 vs 10UG-14
3:00 PM 10UB-15 vs 10UB-16  

49er East 49er West
8:00 AM 10UB-16 vs 10UB-06 10UG-01 vs 10UG-05
9:00 AM 10UB-09 vs 10UB-11 10UG-09 vs 10UG-11
10:00 AM 10UB-12 vs 10UB-05 10UG-08 vs 10UG-12
11:00 AM 10UB-15 vs 10UB-04 10UG-04 vs 10UG-02
12:00 PM 10UB-07 vs 10UB-14 10UG-06 vs 10UG-03
1:00 PM 10UB-01 vs 10UB-08 10UG-07 vs 10UG-13
2:00 PM 10UB-03 vs 10UB-10 10UG-10 vs 10UG-14
3:00 PM 10UB-02 vs 10UB-13  

49er East 49er West
8:00 AM 10UB-08 vs 10UB-13 10UG-08 vs 10UG-04
9:00 AM 10UB-15 vs 10UB-05 10UG-10 vs 10UG-02
10:00 AM 10UB-04 vs 10UB-09 10UG-14 vs 10UG-13
11:00 AM 10UB-14 vs 10UB-01 10UG-09 vs 10UG-06
12:00 PM 10UB-16 vs 10UB-03 10UG-01 vs 10UG-11
1:00 PM 10UB-07 vs 10UB-02 10UG-07 vs 10UG-05
2:00 PM 10UB-10 vs 10UB-12 10UG-12 vs 10UG-03
3:00 PM 10UB-06 vs 10UB-11  

49er East 49er West
8:00 AM 10UB-02 vs 10UB-15 10UG-01 vs 10UG-06
9:00 AM 10UB-01 vs 10UB-04 10UG-14 vs 10UG-02
10:00 AM 10UB-03 vs 10UB-06 10UG-03 vs 10UG-04
11:00 AM 10UB-16 vs 10UB-13 10UG-13 vs 10UG-05
12:00 PM 10UB-07 vs 10UB-10 10UG-11 vs 10UG-07
1:00 PM 10UB-12 vs 10UB-09 10UG-10 vs 10UG-08
2:00 PM 10UB-14 vs 10UB-11 10UG-12 vs 10UG-09
3:00 PM 10UB-05 vs 10UB-08  

49er East 49er West
8:00 AM 10UB-04 vs 10UB-11 10UG-13 vs 10UG-11
9:00 AM 10UB-14 vs 10UB-03 10UG-08 vs 10UG-02
10:00 AM 10UB-10 vs 10UB-16 10UG-12 vs 10UG-01
11:00 AM 10UB-09 vs 10UB-02 10UG-07 vs 10UG-06
12:00 PM 10UB-07 vs 10UB-05 10UG-10 vs 10UG-03
1:00 PM 10UB-13 vs 10UB-06 10UG-09 vs 10UG-04
2:00 PM 10UB-15 vs 10UB-08 10UG-14 vs 10UG-05
3:00 PM 10UB-12 vs 10UB-01  

49er East 49er West
8:00 AM 10UB-06 vs 10UB-09 10UG-13 vs 10UG-06
9:00 AM 10UB-11 vs 10UB-08 10UG-14 vs 10UG-08
10:00 AM 10UB-10 vs 10UB-13 10UG-12 vs 10UG-07
11:00 AM 10UB-14 vs 10UB-12 10UG-10 vs 10UG-09
12:00 PM 10UB-03 vs 10UB-15 10UG-11 vs 10UG-05
1:00 PM 10UB-16 vs 10UB-01 10UG-03 vs 10UG-02
2:00 PM 10UB-05 vs 10UB-02 10UG-04 vs 10UG-01
3:00 PM 10UB-07 vs 10UB-04  

49er East 49er West
8:00 AM 10UB-12 vs 10UB-15 10UG-10 vs 10UG-01
9:00 AM 10UB-16 vs 10UB-08 10UG-06 vs 10UG-05
10:00 AM 10UB-04 vs 10UB-05 10UG-14 vs 10UG-11
11:00 AM 10UB-07 vs 10UB-11 10UG-13 vs 10UG-12
12:00 PM 10UB-13 vs 10UB-01 10UG-09 vs 10UG-02
1:00 PM 10UB-10 vs 10UB-02 10UG-08 vs 10UG-03
2:00 PM 10UB-14 vs 10UB-06 10UG-07 vs 10UG-04
3:00 PM 10UB-03 vs 10UB-09  

Tournaments start October 28

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