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IFAB Laws of the Game Changes


 IFAB Law Changes 2023-2024
Changes to the Laws of the Game AYSO Summary


IFAB changes to the laws of the game
Changes to Laws of the Game, AYSO Summary
AYSO summary of changes to the laws for 2020 through 2022

Especially notable for 2020 and 2021 are changes in the definition of Handling and offences committed during a Penalty Kick


IFAB changes and clarifications
IFAB app for mobile devices


Pre-season tune up.

The U10 division may have a series of pre-season scrimmage games. The intent of this event is to give new coaches a chance to get to know how things work, and new referees an opportunity to work a game in a worry-free environment. Mentor referees will be at all the games to work with the new referees. Returning referees who would like an opportunity to knock some of the rust off can join as well. Please contact the U10 referee coordinator to set up a time. See the Referee Calendar for times.

Kickoff meeting

We will go over contact information, division specific information, changes to the laws, how to sign up for games, and answer any questions you might have. 

End-of-the-season get together

The end-of-the-season meeting and thank you dinner for all referees. See Referee Calendar for time and location.

Refresher classes

The preseason meeting serves as an opportunity for review and a chance to ask questions. If you want a more extensive review, dropping in on the basic referee class is an option. The 2nd session is the one where we cover restarts, fouls and misconduct, and offside.

If you just don't have the time, consider looking over the online review of the laws of the games that is available at


Mentors are available for any referee who would like some additional on-the field pointers. Please contact the Director of Referee Mentoring to set up a time. In addition, there will be mentors at ALL U-10 games for the first 4 weeks of the season. These mentors will meet with you before and after each game to give you additional support and direction beyond what you will have learned in the classroom. Please feel free to ask them questions.

Division Specific Information

The games are played under the FIFA Laws Of The Game and the AYSO National Rules and Regulations. For the younger divisions U5 - U10, Region 1 (Redwood City) has adopted a small-sided game format. These modifications are allowed by FIFA (see page 3 of the Laws Of The Game) and are recommended by AYSO National..


Any misconduct in a Region 1 game (Redwood City) for which a player was cautioned or sent-off, must be reported by the referee to the league. You can do this online but you should also note it on the lineup card. If a team official is expelled, you should report it on the lineup card and follow up with an email to the Regional Referee Administrator. In addition, for any major incident (numerous cautions, send-off, team official expulsion, major problem with spectators) you should follow up with a written match report detailing the incident(s) and submit it to the Regional Referee Administrator. Any misconduct in an Area 2N game must be reported within 24 hours.

Serious Incident or Injury

If you are involved in a serious incident (threats, fight, or police summoned) or if you are injured, then you must fill out an AYSO Incident Report. You should also contact the Regional Referee Administrator. If you plan on filing an insurance claim with AYSO (you must have registered as a volunteer in order to qualify) you will need to fill out the AYSO soccer accident insurance form. For more information on AYSO's accident insurance coverage please see the brochure. Injuries to players should be reported to the league by the coach, but the cautious referee will also file a match report detailing the incident.


Tournaments rules may have some modification from those that are used during the regular season. A pre-tournament referee meeting will be held to cover these, see the calendar.

Ongoing Education

There are many opportunities for you to improve your skills. Beyond taking additional courses and getting help from mentors on the field, we would suggest that you become very familiar with the Laws Of The Game and with the USSF Advice to Referees.

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