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U10 Division

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Albert Orozco
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 Girls Division Director
 Jason Krefetz
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In the 10U division, players start to develop basic techniques and begin to play as a team.

Age Requirement

Check the Registration page for Age Requirements.


  • Games: Games are played with 7 players to a side (up to 10 on a roster).
  • Duration: Each game consists of two 25 minute halves.
  • Schedule: Click here for Game Schedules.
  • Participation: No player shall sit out two quarters until all players have sat out one quarter.
  • An End-Of-The-Season Tournament will determine which team from Redwood City advances to the Area tournament. Each team must provide at least 1 assistant referee to be eligible to participate in the tournament.


  • Shin guards: Mandatory for all practices and games.
  • Footwear: Soccer shoes or tennis shoes. No football or baseball shoes!!
  • Ball: Size 4 (recommended).
  • Uniform: Jersey, socks and shorts (will be provided by AYSO). You must wear your full uniform at games.
  • Practice: Practice sessions will be 1 or 2 times a week (coach will determine).
  • Jewelry: No jewelry worn during games or practices.


  • Referees: Each team needs to provide at least 1 certified assistant referee to be eligible to participate in the end-of-season tournament. Check master schedule for clinics.
  • Team parent: Each team needs a parent(s) to coordinate snacks, photo day and end-of-season party.
  • Banner: Team banner needs to be completed before photo day.
  • Practice: All practices & games require the presence of one male and one female adult for supervision (e.g. male coach & female parent or female coach & male parent). Each team shall practice one or twice per week.
View slide show presented at parents meeting here.

Important Dates

See Calendar page for important dates.


AYSO is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Each and every task that is done, from coaching, refereeing, lining fields, scheduling games, organizing divisions, training clinics, etc. is done by volunteers. We cannot make AYSO function without your help. We need you to volunteer. Here are some key ways you can help:


Many AYSO 10U coaches are first-time coaches-parents with little free time. Short-sided soccer is a way to ease adults into coaching as well as to ease children into playing. Won't you consider coaching? This is the single biggest area where you can help. AYSO will provide you with the training & resources necessary for you to do the job. You supply the smile and encouraging words.

The time commitment involved is between 3 & 4 hours a week (two 1 hour practices plus a 1 hour game on Saturday). In addition, you will need to attend a 10U Coaching Clinic before the season starts and schedule a team meeting. Most other team related tasks can be delegated to your team parent. We will do our best to assign an assistant coach to each team.


Referees are required for every match, and most referees in 10U are first-time referees. Each team must provide at least one assistant referee for the team to be eligible to participate in the end-of-season tournament. We will train you and you can pick when you volunteer to referee.  Please see Information on Becoming a Referee

The 10U rule is as follows:

  1. All 10U teams MUST have either
    1. ONE NEW Assistant Referee trained for the season who refs 4 or more games during the first five weeks of the season, or
    2. One RETURNING referee or assistant referee who refs 4 or more games during the first five weeks of the season
  2. Teams that do not meet one of these requirements will not be eligible for the end-of-season tournament
  3. 8U officials upgrading to 10U (regional referee certification) DO count as “new”
  4. If a team trains more than one new assistant referee, all the refs together need only ref a total of 4 games during the first four weeks of the season to qualify for tournament
  5. Beyond the first four weeks, teams that do not supply refs for at least 4 more games will have a point deducted for pool play during the tournament
  6. Teams that supply refs for more than 8 games can earn additional points for the tournament
    1. Any team that provides referees (new or existing, Regional or above) working in the fall season as a Referee or Assistant Referee in U10, U12, or U14 Redwood City for more than the requisite 8 home games, earns 1 point for every 6 games up to a maximum of 3 points (26 or more games).
    2. Points will be credited to the 10U team with which a referee is associated.
    3. A Referee can only be associated with one team.
    4. A team can receive a maximum of 3 points toward the tournament.
    5. Points will be applied prior to the start of the tournament in the pool stage.

Assistant Coach:

Be available at as many practices and games as possible to assist the coach. Fill in for the coach when he/she cannot be present. You will need to attend a 10U Coaching Clinic before the start of the season.

Team Parent:

Each team needs a team parent to help organize snacks, communicate with the whole team on behalf of the coach, organize the end-of-season party, and generally take care of administrative details for the team (roster, schedule etc.)

Parent Guidelines

Here are some useful guidelines that will help make this an enjoyable season for you and everyone else.

  • Please show up at the field at least 20 minutes before game time so your coach can get the team checked in. 
  • Do not stand or coach from behind the goal. The referee will ask you to leave.
  • Please stand at least 1 yard back from the touch line to avoid interfering with play.
  • Respect the referee's decision. If you have a question (not a complaint) regarding a call, wait until after the game is over. Remember, the referees are learning too. If you feel that you know best, then consider becoming a referee yourself!
  • Resist the urge to run onto the field if your child gets knocked down or hurt. Let the referee and coach deal with the issue. You will be called upon if needed.
  • If a player is misbehaving (temper tantrum, aggressive behavior, etc.) they may be asked to leave the game for a cooling off period. Please support the referee in that decision.
  • Encourage your child to be a good sport, win or lose. No spitting on hands or negative comments to the opposite team.
  • Only 2 coaches per field. Players get confused when they hear more than one person "coaching" from the sidelines. If you can't help yourself, perhaps you should consider becoming a coach!
  • Heading the ball is not allowed in this age group.
  • Slide tackling is not allowed at this level and will be penalized as dangerous play.
  • If you have the first game of the day, please show up extra early to help set up the goals. If you have the last game, then help tear down the goals.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the playing fields.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on or near the playing fields at either practices or games.
  • Please help pick up trash (especially yours) after each game.
  • Support the children, coaches, and referees from the opposing team as well as from your team.

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