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Regional Referee

Information for Referees

Referee Calendar

Most meetings are held at the Community Activities Building (CAB) 1400 Roosevelt Ave in Redwood City. But please check the website for the latest info.

April 2014
4/12/14 Sa Fall Season Registration 9:30AM to 2:30PM at CAB
4/26/14 Sa Fall Season Registration 12PM to 5PM at CAB
4/30/14 We Fall Season Registration 5PM to 9PM at CAB
August 2014
8/18/14 Mo Fall Season Starts U16-U19
8/25/14 Mo U8 Official Referee Training 6PM - 9PM @ Veterans Memorial Senior Center
eAYSO Id: 201401371
8/28/14 Th U8 Official Referee Training 6PM - 9PM @ CAB Rm #2
eAYSO Id: 201401372
September 2014
9/3/14 We U10 Part 1 Referee Training
6PM-9PM @ CAB Rm #2
eAYSO Id: 20140173
9/4/14 Th U10 Part 2 Referee Training
6PM-9PM @ CAB Rm #4
eAYSO Id: 20140173
9/5/14 Fr Referee Meeting 7PM-8:30PM @ CAB Rm 4
9/6/14 Sa Fall Season Starts U5-U14
9/6/14 Sa U8 Official Referee Training 5:30PM - 8:30PM @ CAB Rm 4
eAYSO Id: 201401374
October 2014
TBD   Pre-Tournament Referee Meeting @ 7PM-8:30PM, CAB
November 2014
11/28-30/14 Fr-Su Indoor Tournament Rules
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